My Account

  • A  My Account page link will be shown on the  the top of every page for a logged in User.
  • The My Account page will have links to  My Profile,My Cart, My Orders, My Shipping Address and My Billing Address pages.

       My Profile

  • In this page,the user can edit  his email address/password .
  • A user can view the items that has been added to the cart.
  • The user can remove any added item or update the quantity of a particular item.
  • The user can enter promo codes to get a discount.
  • The  cart can contain either Digital or Non Digital products at a time.
  • The user can continue adding products to the cart by clicking on the Continue Shopping button.
  • The user can checkout by clicking on the checkout button.

       My Orders

  • In this page, the user can view all their orders.

       My Billing Address

  • In this page,the user can add/edit the Billing address Information .

       My Shipping Address

  • In this page,the user can add/edit the Shipping address Information .

       My Refund Request

  • In this page,the user can make request for refund for the products that he/she has purchased  .

       My Giftcards

  • In this page,the user can view the giftcards and the balance amount of each giftcard that he/she has purchased .

       My Giftcard Usage

  • In this page,the user can view the list of giftcards  that he has used for the product purchases from the website along with the amount used for each purchase. 

     Unsubscribe Newsletter

  • This link allows the user to subscribe/unsubscribe newsletter.